Below are a few answers to questions I get on a fairly regular basis.

Do you have an online store where you sell original art or prints?

Not yet, but an online store is in the works. If you would like to inquire about original art, please contact me at kyle@kylebice.com

How much is an art commission?

Commissions have a wide range of prices, but the base cost starts at $150 and goes up from there depending on a myriad of factors. Feel free to e-mail me at kyle@kylebice.com with more detailed questions.

How much for a photo shoot (any type)?

My photo shoot base rate starts at $125/hour and goes up from there depending on the specific challenges of the shoot/project. *Price includes post processing with one round of client feedback.

How long do beer paintings last?

My oldest beer painting is just over eight years old and still looks the same as the day I painted it. The art is painted on an acid free paper, then sprayed with a U.V. sealant once it's dry. If it is hung away from direct sunlight, it should have a fairly long life.

Will you come to my beer festival in (insert city/state/country here) to paint with beer?

I'd love to! If your festival is more than a few hours away from Chicago, I will require compensation for travel and lodging.

I have a really cool project but no budget. Do you ever work on spec?

Right now, the only spec projects I have time to work on are my own. This includes crowdfunded projects that have not already been successfully funded.